Moving along the growing technology centric world, a modern café offers a lot more than just a coffee and a muffin to their customers. By now a café has turned into a place where people come to relax, take a break from their busy lives, meet a friend, meet a client or simply get some work done in peace.

With modification in customer desires and needs, range of services delivered by a café has changed. Thereby a service like Wi-Fi has become more of a commodity than a service delivered to attract more customers. Somehow this has complicated things for the business owners. For example providing internet to customers with bare minimum limitations would definitely attract more customers and the shop will be a full house almost all the time. But on the other hand, for one cup of coffee they would browse, download and stream media for hours. Which won’t even cover half their share of internet usage or time spent at the café. By the end of the day the shop will be paying a huge internet bill with no gain at all. Mitigation of this demands full control and more granular level visibility into the network that facilitates proactive decision making.

Where customer satisfaction decides the survival of a business, it is important to deliver the best QoE and the most seamless, hassle free internet connectivity to the customers. Regardless, content delivery must be planned cost effectively in a manner that requires minimum supervision and administration overhead. A café doesn’t typically have a tech guy around to continuously monitor and troubleshoot network issues and remedy network congestion. Thus the solution in place should always be smooth sailing.

A typical café limits Wi-Fi based on several factors: time, content, per user, per bill, bill amount etc. Rules can be implemented to guarantee these limitations using our network traffic shaper while getting a one-on-one analysis of data consumption and bandwidth utilization. Peak hour network management can be planned ahead of time to avoid slow connections and customer complaints.

It is important to create an environment where customers can enjoy a nice cup of coffee in the café without worrying about missing an important business call or getting back to a client on an urgent matter or missing out any other important work that needs immediate action. Somehow this does not mean that you deliver unlimited connectivity but a controlled, uninterrupted connectivity that enhances customer QoE.