Paraqum CeyMarshal will give you unprecedented control over your own network, allowing you to differentiate between business-critical traffic and recreational traffic. Get the desired utilization of your network and maximize the productivity of your organization by prioritizing business critical applications with no bandwidth upgrades at all.

In a world that is more content driven and embracing the cloud, Paraqum CeyMarshal provides a comprehensive networking solution by monitoring, analyzing and enforcing rules to offer a superior network connection.

Guaranteed  QoS
Guaranteed QoS
Congestion Control
Congestion Control
Prioritize  Business Critical Applications
Prioritize Business Critical Applications
Control OTT Applications
Control OTT Applications
Usage Management
Usage Management


  • Layer 2 to Layer 7 Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) based real time network analytics
  • 1G/10G Ethernet interfaces with failsafe-enabled design
  • Traffic prioritization per user preference
  • Rate controlling based on maximum and guaranteed bandwidth limitations
  • Multi-level shaping
  • Time-based bandwidth controlling
  • Quota based policy enforcement
  • Active database of more than 800 Application Signatures

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