Traffic Shaper

How often do you get annoyed by important Skype calls being dropped in a business meeting? Is slow internet disrupting your business, despite an expensive connection? Beware! Bulks of poor customer reviews, black marks on company reputation and even millions of financial losses might be around the corner. It is high time to be in-charge of your own network rather than being a spectator.

Without the power to control the flow of traffic in your network, simply increasing the speed of your internet connection will not guarantee a speedy connection for business critical applications.

Paraqum Traffic Shaper products will give you unprecedented control over your own network, enabling you to differentiate between business-critical traffic and recreational traffic, thus prioritizing the traffic for business usage. No bandwidth upgrades required! But, business critical applications are guaranteed a speedy connection. This will ensure that you get the desired utilization of your network to maximize the productivity of your organization.

In a world that is more content driven and embracing the cloud, Paraqum Traffic Shaper provides a comprehensive networking solution by monitoring, analyzing and enforcing rules to offer a superior network performance.


  • Visualization of real-time Layer 7 Application data usage of network.
  • Visualization of real-time data and application usage of each user in the network.
  • Application aware bandwidth controlling(rate controlling, block, allow and priorities).
  • Capable of bandwidth controlling of individual users, individual applications(L7)/services, applications/services for individual user/user group and VLAN.
  • Capable of enforcing rules based on IP, Port, Protocol, VLAN, Applications and URL.
  • Rate controlling based on maximum bandwidth limit and guaranteed bandwidth.
  • Shared Shapers to control aggregate bandwidth of applications/services.
  • Two level shaping.
  • Time-based and volume-based bandwidth controlling.
  • Virtualization support.
  • 1G/10G Ethernet interfaces with failsafe-enabled design.
  • State-of-the-art web interface for detailed Application/User level monitoring and rule configurations.
  • Active database of more than 300 Application Signatures (and growing).



State of the Art Web-based Management Software enables users to visualize and analyze the connected network, perform advanced traffic shaping and users/application oriented enforcements seamlessly. 

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