Network Analyzer for ISP

Paraqum Network Analyzer is a network analytic and report generation tool which can be used to inspect, analyze, troubleshoot the network at millisecond level sensitivity and generate detailed user/network oriented reports. It can be used to measure the bandwidth and the Quality of Service parameters (latency, jitter etc.) of a network link at many granular levels. The device can be deployed as a passive probe (tapped device) or as an in-line device. The system can generate detailed reports of application/bandwidth usage and trends of network/subscribers.  


  • Visualization of real-time bandwidth of the link.
  • Bandwidth measuring resolution from 1ms to 1s (millisecond-level probing).
  • Network/User oriented detailed report generation facility.
  • Live application and bandwidth usage monitoring for subscribers.
  • Categorization of bandwidth data according to VLAN ID and analysis through the graphical web interface.
  • Analysis of bandwidth data according to Application, Source IP, Destination IP, Source Port, Destination Port, and IP Protocol.
  • Application / IP level Real-time latency calculation.
  • State-of-the-art visualization for Applications and Flow level monitoring.
  • Real time URL based network flow detection and monitoring.
  • 1G/10G Ethernet interfaces with failsafe-enabled design.
  • Storage of historical data according to the user preference.
  • Active database of more than 300 Application Signatures (and growing).
  • Zero packet loss and insignificant latency. 


ParaQum Network Analyzer contains some unique features which ISPs can offer to their subscribers as "Value Added Services".

ISP can offer the following "Value Added Services" to subscribers:

  • Near real-time application visibility (Top Applications)
  • Bandwidth and data usage up to 1 minute time resolution
  • Sessions contributing most to bandwidth usage


State-of-the-art web-based management software enables users to visualize and analyze the connected network seamlessly.

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