Network Analyzer

Paraqum Network Analyzer products will give you real-time visibility at all levels of your network up to the application level. This will help you see the application usage, understand user behavior, analyze network trends and generate detailed reports. With this kind of visibility, network administrators will be able to closely monitor their network performance and quickly troubleshoot any issues. This will also enable you to make more informed decisions when planning upgrades for your network.

Our Network Analyzer products use state-of-the-art “Deep Packet Inspection” technology to provide real-time visibility into high speed networks up to the application level. These devices can either be connected directly in-line to your network or can be connected as a passive probe (tapped connection).


  • Visualization of real-time bandwidth of the link.
  • Bandwidth measuring resolution from 1ms to 1s (millisecond-level probing).
  • Categorization of bandwidth data according to VLAN ID and analysis through the Graphical Web Interface.
  • Analysis of bandwidth data according to Application, Source IP, Destination IP, Source Port, Destination Port, and IP Protocol.
  • Application / IP level real-time latency calculation.
  • State of the art visualization for applications and flow level monitoring.
  • Real time URL based network flow detection and monitoring.
  • 1G/10G Ethernet interfaces with failsafe-enabled design.
  • Storage of historical data according to the user preference.
  • Active database of more than 300 application signatures (and growing)
  • Zero packet loss and insignificant latency. 


State of the Art Web-based Management Software enables users to visualize and analyze the connected network seamlessly.

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