Paraqum unveils real time network analytics product range

Paraqum unveiled its brand new series of flagship Network Solutions at the official product launch held on 30th March 2017 at Trace Expert City, Sri Lanka. The event marked a milestone for the company as it sets to become a global brand.

Being the first to launch Network Analytic Solutions in Sri Lanka, Paraqum Technologies grasped the attention of both the local and international Internet networking communities.

Various industry experts, academia, media persons and other interested parties present at the product launch witnessed a real time demonstration of the products.

Apart from being the first of the sort in the country, what makes Paraqum’s network analytic products different from the rest is that we design and build our products based on high performance hardware accelerated Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) technology.

This groundbreaking product launch targeted almost all the market segments in the industry with,

  • Network Analyser for Telcos, ISPs, Enterprises and SMEs (supporting up to 10Gbps per link)
  • Traffic Shaper - Bandwidth Management Solution (capable of shaping traffic up to 10Gbps using a diverse QoS profile)
  • Mini Network Analyser for Network Engineers (supporting live network analysis up to 1Gbps)

With this launch, Paraqum has taken the next big step towards proliferating its sales and expanding the market segment. More products are soon to be integrated with the existing product portfolio as the company addresses the growing needs of our customers.

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