Area: Internet Service Provider


In a competitive market where providing just connectivity and bandwidth no longer helps you land promising customers, Internet Service Providers must be prompt in service delivery through value added services that stack up the market value and eminence. Thus to benefit, considerable effort is put forward by service providers into maintaining a reputation for delivery of quality service and leading edge technology.

Recently, one of the leading ISPs in Sri Lanka came to us with an issue in their leased line customer networks where business critical applications were being impeded and backlogged due to network congestion. High end clients like leased line customers who are heavily invested in their network lines, value seamless network connectivity and high quality of service. Hence, it's of high interest for the ISP to ensure that leased line customers get the best quality of experience in term of connectivity.

Most of the leased line customers are continuously facing the challenge of maintaining uninterrupted services to their offices without subscribing for extra bandwidth. In a customer perspective this requires additional budget and creates an extra burden on them. This poses a threat to the ISP by customers constantly searching for cheaper alternatives from other ISPs to increase the subscribed bandwidth. Hence, it's of great interest and benefit for the ISP to provide them with a solution which could help them use their subscribed bandwidth in the most efficient way without subscribing to additional bandwidth.

How we remedied the issue:

In this situation, our network traffic shaper for ISPs turned out to be the ideal solution for optimizing user experience through congestion control and traffic prioritizing. The ISP wanted to provide their clients with a value added service which gives them complete visibility of their network traffic and allows plenty of flexibility in controlling their own traffic using a single device placed in their ISP data center. Paraqum Traffic Shaper for ISPs comes with user logins for each subscriber to see their traffic and apply rules to manage their network as per their own requirement.

Our traffic shaper for ISP offers two payment methods. You can either buy the product with an initial payment or you could just obtain the service on a “pay as you go” mode with no initial investment at all. Thereby the latter proved to be the ideal solution for the ISP in operating under a cost effective plan. This initiated a hassle-free procurement process for the customer.

We worked along with the ISP’s technical team to deliver the best possible solution for their customers. After several meetings, test drives and a final user acceptance test(UAT) our development team was able to enhance our existing traffic shaper device to serve the precise needs of the ISP.

The traffic shaper identifies shadow applications and other back channels that are hogging up the bandwidth and pinpoints exactly when, where and how the network gets congested. This in turn is managed through rule enforcement and policy based control. In this manner, business critical applications are given priority over other applications. This remedies the leased line congestion issue faced by our customer.