Area: Enterprise

Specialty: Open Source Technology Provider


In an era where technology has taken over the business world, more and more business interactions and transactions take place over the internet. From customer interactions to communication within the company, to even remote business management, all of these take place over the internet. As a result, the need for a seamless internet connection has become more grave than yesterday.

More often than not, businesses encounter unsanctioned applications hogging up their network. These applications usually take up the bandwidth that could be used on more business critical applications otherwise. One such enterprise approached us for a solution to remedy the situation. This company had a network line of 150M which was already stagnated due to excessive use of social media and online streaming applications by their employees during work hours. As a result, their business applications were slowed down and lagging behind. But as one of the leading open source technology providers in the country, to them, seamless network connectivity and proper traffic management were mission critical.

At a certain point network congestion was affecting the business and steps needed to be taken to oversee the situation and maintain employee productivity and business efficiency. But being a company with around 500 employees who’d browse all day, this was easier said than done.

How we remedied the issue:

Among our range of network analytic and control products we have a network traffic shaper specialized for the enterprise market. This device provides aggregate control and visibility over the network link. Also it offers a priority based bandwidth allocation system that could be imposed upon an individual user, department or subnet.

As our client was looking to ensure that their business critical applications were getting just enough bandwidth to operate impeccably, this deemed to be the best solution for them. Through the traffic shaper, business critical applications were given priority over other stray applications. This meant that business critical applications secured bandwidth anytime, over any application.

Through prioritization, our client was able to schedule device software and system updates outside business hours without hindering employee QoE. This ensured that business was running smoothly and no service delivery was being delayed. Using our priority based quota management system, they were able to impose restrictions on different divisions individually. As a result, they were able to minimize stray application restrictions on HR Team network line to facilitate business affiliated applications categorized non business critical.

Thereby with the traffic shaper device deployed on their premises, our client was able maneuver their traffic shaping rules whenever necessary. From a service point of view, we offered technical support, system maintenance, system updates and troubleshooting as part of the annual subscription based payment plan. After the initial year, as per customer request we integrated a new feature where a comprehensive overview of traffic data was written and stored at customer end for internal use.

According to our customer, adoption of our device showed considerable improvement in their business productivity and employee QoE leading to a profound work environment.