Paraqum Technologies provides high-end electronic design solutions for customer specifications at affordable costs while maintaining high quality. We offer a wide range of services including PCB design, Embedded Systems design, FPGA based designs and Firmware development.

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Paraqum Technologies was found in 2013 as part of an initiative by the Department of Electronic and Telecommunication Engineering, University of Moratuwa as means of expanding the Electronic industry in Sri Lanka. We were one of the first companies to start developing Video compression solutions based on the latest High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) standard which was published in January 2013. By December 2014, Paraqum Technologies became the first to demonstrate 4K real-time HEVC decoding on a commercial grade FPGA – breaking the frequency barrier to decode 4K in real-time at less than 150 MHz. Simultaneously we were developing real-time Network Analytics solutions based on Deep Packet Inspection technology which can analyze high speed network traffic in real-time up to the application level. In early 2016, Paraqum Technologies released the first of a series of Network Analytic products which provide real-time visibility in high-speed networks up to application level. These network analytic products give the user unprecedented visibility on what’s happening in his network at any given moment. This was later followed by the release of the Traffic Shaper product series, which not only provides visibility but also gives the user the ability to exercise unprecedented control over the usage of his network, which in turn brings about a host of advantages that increases productivity. With this networking product lineup, Paraqum Technologies is able to provide a complete network management solution to a broader customer segment ranging from small scale businesses to large enterprises as well as Internet Service Providers and Telecom Operators. By now our product line up has been revamped through integration of advanced features and performance optimization to meet the heightened customer demands!
Dr. Ajith Pasqual is the founder and CEO of Paraqum Technologies. He is a senior academic with close to 25 years’ of experience at the Department of Electronic & Telecommunication Engineering at University of Moratuwa, the premier engineering university in Sri Lanka. He has served as the Head of Department of Electronic & Telecommunication Engineering and also as Director/Center for Information Technology Services at the same university. He received his B.Sc. Engineering degree with First Class Honours from University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka in Electronic & Telecommunication Engineering in 1993, M.Eng. and Ph.D. degrees from The University of Tokyo in Computer Vision in 1998 and 2001 respectively. His primary research interests are in Computer Vision, Application Processors and SoC Architectures and he leads the Reconfigurable Digital Systems Research Group at the University of Moratuwa which work in the area of hardware acceleration, novel architectures for application specific processors and SoCs to improve performance and power efficiency. Since 2004, he has been focusing heavily on reconfigurable logic systems and their applications in Computer Vision, Video Compression, Mobile Communications, Networking and Bio Signal Processing. He is driving the initiative to create an Advanced Electronics Design Industry in Sri Lanka and was instrumental in setting up the Facilitation Center for Advanced Electronics Design at University of Moratuwa to support startup companies in Electronics.
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